Conair Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

Conair towel warmer and drying rack

Those who are looking for a quality towel warmer with better control on heat and a super affordable price can find the Conair towel warmer and drying rack an interesting option. The towel warmer is specially designed to make it both a freestanding and wall mounted unit. With a durable power cord and an on/off light indicator, users can enjoy easy functionality and smooth operation.

It warms your towels thoroughly and also helps in warming other items like garments, bathing suits, coats and hats. It is basically an all season helper. Customers can get some toasty warm towels in a matter of minutes using this towel warmer.

Product Description

The dimensions of the product are 2 x 24 x 32.2 inches while weight of the unit is only 4.4 pounds. The product is manufactured by Conair. The price available at Amazon is $53.02 and $65.99 for bronze and silver color respectively. The towel warmer has a sleek design and reaches the optimum temperature within 20 minutes.


Customers can enjoy a pocket full of unique features and benefits from the Conair towel warmer as listed below

Easy to Assemble

The unit is easy to assemble that takes only around 10 minutes. Though for mounting it on a wall can take up to 30 minutes. The product comes with a detailed instructional guide that makes assembling more convenient.

Note: Wall stabilizers are included in the package.


If compared to other similar products in the market, the Conair towel warmer is very affordable. You can get yours for less than 70 bucks.

Warm towels

The excellent warming mechanism allows users to make their towels toasty warm. Users can enjoy fresh and faster warming of towels.


It can also help you in warming other stuff like coats, hats, bathing suits, hand washable and lots more.

Conair towel warmer


Those who are looking for a towel warmer that heats up evenly may find it little disapointing as it reaches more temperature on the top bars as compared to the lower bars.

Also unlike some other towel warmers who’s temperature can be adjusted with a control, the Conair towel warmer uses a constant temperature.

Summary of Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of Conair towel warmer and drying rack ranges from poor to positive. 29% customers have given it 5-star rating and 29% only have given it 1-star rating.

Happy Customers

Many customers are happy about the product quality and features. According to customers, the most attractive feature of the towel warmer is easy assembly and affordable price. Customers are also happy about the fact that it is made from good quality and is durable.

Unsatisfied Customers and Complaints

Few customers claimed that it takes forever to heat the towels. Also, they said that it only warmed the part of the towel that was directly touching the bars.


The Conair towel warmer is an affordable option for people looking for a good towel warmer, although, some consider it to be only a moderate unit. I my personal opinion, the towel warmer provides some good features and a remarkable price, but there are better towel warmers available in the market, for a little higher price though. All in all, it is an affordable unit that is nice in warming towels and provide the type of luxury you are looking for.

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